Board Members

2018 Board Members

President *  Andrew Scott     641-208-5353

Vice President/Secretary *  Nolan Stewart   641-242-0542

Treasurer *  Tom Juhl    641-664-2325

Clubhouse Liaison/Special Events *  Dan Wiegand   641-895-2688

Grounds Liaison *  Bob Overstreet   641-208-5286

Membership/Pro Shop *  Tyler Schooley   641-208-5442

Tournaments Director *  Paul Koenig   573-808-1664 


Clubhouse 641-664-2089

Greens Keeper

Scott Boone 641-208-5403

Questions or Recommendations...

We are always looking for ways to improve your experience at the BCC. If you have any questions or requests at any time, please reach out to one of our board members. Board meetings are the second Monday of the month @ 5:30pm.