2018 BCC Tournaments

May Tournament Dates

May 6th (Sunday) Gorilla Open *2 Person Best Shot

May 17th (Thursday) Senior Tourney

May 19th (Saturday) Couples Tourney

June Tournament Dates

June 2nd (Saturday) A-Club Tourney *4 Person Scramble

June 8th (Friday Night) PIE Glow Golf *Night Golf

June 16th (Saturday) Ladies Invitational

June 23rd (Saturday) OPEN GOLF for Hairy Nation Day

June 24th (Sunday A.M) Parent-Child 

June 29th (Friday) D.C. Corporate (Formerly Stag) *4 Person Scramble

July Tournament Dates

July 21st (Saturday) Tin Cup *4 Person Scramble

July 29th (Sunday) Ladies Club Tournament *Members Only

August Tournament Dates

August 4th & 5th (Saturday & Sunday) Men's Club Tournament *Members Only

August 18th (Saturday) Calcutta 18 Holes & Sole Survivor *Members Only

September Tournament Dates

September 2nd (Sunday) Rollie Ryder Cup *2 Person - 27 Hole Format

September 9th (Sunday) D.C. Hospital Tourney *4 Person Scramble

September 14th & 15th (Friday & Saturday) BCC Club Ryder Cup *Friday draw teams. Play is Saturday. 

September 29th (Saturday) Autumn Open

Get Involved...

There are a lot of tournaments on the calendar.  Please come out and support some great causes!